• What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want a career change? Do you want to write a book? Whatever it may be you are more than capable of pursuing and having success. You have the potential. The possibilities are only limited by your thinking. You must focus your thoughts and energy on accomplishing your desired goal.

    Do …not dwell on past failures or missed opportunities. On every journey there are valleys and hills. This time will be different because you have changed. This time you will remain steadfast on achieving your goal. This time you will allow your desire to fuel the determination and perseverance inside you. This time you will not let others discourage you from your prize. This time you will remove any lingering doubt and believe in yourself completely.

    You will change how you think. You will be better because you will focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses. You will identify where you need assistance and get the needed support. You will recognize that you are able and willing to finish the race. You will be encouraged by the progress you make, no matter the size. You will be motivated when you fail because you are not defeated. It is in you to be successful.

    I understand where you have been. I also know that you will be where you want to go. I see the fire in you. I see the greatness in you. I see all the things in you that has made others successful. I see it and now you see it. Just put on a positive mental attitude always and believe in yourself. You will definitely achieve great success.

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    Nice encouragement.... Well said