• The making of a man is not in how far he travels round the world, but in how far and deep he travels through his mind. You shouldn’t sit back with your hands folded asking and waiting for what your country or state government has for you. ……… That will be a waste of time. If you’re a youth, you shouldn’t just sit back there asking and waiting for your government to come and give you a job.
    Why can’t you start thinking of how to help your country and state government by starting to set up businesses, so you can employ and pay others. Wouldn’t that be better? Think BIG!

    You can start out by setting up an internet business because it requires little or no start up capital compared to certain offline businesses.
    All you’ll need to start and set up an internet business is the (Ability, Desire and Patience to LEARN & Secondly the Ability to IMPLEMENT what you’ve LEARNT). NOTE: If you don’t care about what happens to you, nobody does. So refuse to be stagnated. Refuse to procrastinate. Go FOR Dreams and With “God Almighty” on your side you’ll surely succeed! Remember to START with him “God” and every other thing shall be yours.