• About Me

  • About Me

    ADERONKE BAMIDELE ('Bams' For Short)

    That's me ! I'm a Consultant/Information Entrepreneur. Hence the nickname 'Infopreneur Queen'

    I am very passionate about everything I do. While I'm obsessed about creating life changing information products, I also diversify into internet business consultation services, Sales copy writing, webdesigning and hosting, Blogging and webpublishing, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Forum creation, Graphics designing and lots more.....

    I spend more time on the internet more than anything else..



    Internet marketer, author of many books, a Geology graduate, a web designer, an affiliate marketer, a coach, an internet business consultant, graphics designer, a forum owner, a thinker and a perfectionist.



    I have always been passionate about computers, internet and how it works.

    I graduated from Geology University of Ilorin in 2008. Got a partime job with Guinness Nigeria Plc. before I went for my NYSC. I worked with them for three months, saved up all my salary and got myself a brand new laptop.

    Few months later, I proceeded for my NYSC and after my NYSC, I got my first job in Aug. 2011. Five months later, Dec. 8, 2011 precisely. I was on the internet looking for one opportunity or the other and I decided to search for the keyword "How To Make Money Online". When I did, I was amazed at the results I got.

    So people do really make legitimate money online ? I believed in myself that I was going to succeed in that career so I resigned my job that same month and took up a career in Internet marketing right away. After all my salary then was only N30,000. Why would I continue to work my ass out for peanuts when my internet business is guaranteed of making me at least 200k richer monthly? THAT WAS HOW MY ONLINE BUSINESS WAS BORN.....

    Within 3months of working online, I have started making more than 200k consistently every single month.

    Did I also remember to tell you that I am the author of that popular e-book on how to make money online titled "THE INTERNET WEALTH SECRETS EBOOK"?

    OH YES! I am.

    And it is still one of the hot selling e-books on the internet right now. It features over 20 legitimate internet businesses for an average person. If you are a beginner, it is the right way to start. if you are not, but you are yet to make real money online, it is the way to success.

    If you are already making consistent money online, the book is not for you. Except you still want to multiply/increase your earnings. Which is not a bad idea though.

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    Have a fulfilling online experience!!!